No-Brainer of the Day

Police Body Cams Good, honest, Police Officers should welcome body cameras to help exonerate themselves from false claims by suspects. The City and Courts should welcome them to get more confessions and easier convictions at a lower cost. The only objections are coming from the Police Unions and people with something to hide. Remember the … Read more

No-Brainer of the Day

Dark window tinting around the front seat of the vehicle is a citable offense. You would think that no one would object to that offense more than Police Officers. Aside from drivers and passengers being able to drink, do drugs, and text with autonomy, an Officer would never know if he is walking up to … Read more

Local Resident with some Advice

The only way to get results… Call, Call, Call, Call. Keep on calling and calling. Every-time you call into the CPD dispatch, the calls are logged and the officer responding is logged. Those call and response logs are public Info and are posted monthly. Keep track of your call and then check the log at … Read more

It’s up to the Mayor

Our Mayor has almost unlimited authority to change the policies of our city, and hire and fire people, including police officers, at his discretion for the betterment of our city. The problem is that our city employees are like a fraternity. They don’t want to report problems or bad employees for fear of being ostracized … Read more