Speeding School Buses

  http://concerned resident (Registered User) _____ Avenue sees about 10 buses a day using it as a shortcut. They are often speeding. If school buses are also given a 10 mph enforcement threshold, like other vehicles, that means that they are allowed to go 35 mph on our residential streets. What standards are they held … Read more

Kos and Effect

This is a huge blunder by the Mayor. 600 apartments means thousands more cars a day on our streets. All those cars have to come and go from work, come and go from shopping, come and go from socializing, and there will be visitors that come and go. How much money will they get for … Read more

It’s up to the Mayor

Our Mayor has almost unlimited authority to change the policies of our city, and hire and fire people, including police officers, at his discretion for the betterment of our city. The problem is that our city employees are like a fraternity. They don’t want to report problems or bad employees for fear of being ostracized … Read more

Chicopee P.D. Contract

It seems that more than one third of the Chicopee police department contract is devoted to substance abuse testing and patrolman’s rights. Why would that be? See the entire contract on the Chicopee website. http://chicopeema.gov/DocumentCenter/View/3732/Police-Contract–7114—63017-?bidId=    

Vehicles on property: City Code Violation

§ 262-1Prohibited storage. A.  No person, company or corporation in control of real property in the City of Chicopee, other than a bona fide licensed commercial auto salvage yard or commercial garage, as determined by the License Committee of the City Council, shall permit the outdoor storage or parking thereon for more than three days of … Read more