Speeding School Buses

  http://concerned resident (Registered User) _____ Avenue sees about 10 buses a day using it as a shortcut. They are often speeding. If school buses are also given a 10 mph enforcement threshold, like other vehicles, that means that they are allowed to go 35 mph on our residential streets. What standards are they held … Read more

No-Brainer of the Day

Dark window tinting around the front seat of the vehicle is a citable offense. You would think that no one would object to that offense more than Police Officers. Aside from drivers and passengers being able to drink, do drugs, and text with autonomy, an Officer would never know if he is walking up to … Read more

Local Resident with some Advice

The only way to get results… Call, Call, Call, Call. Keep on calling and calling. Every-time you call into the CPD dispatch, the calls are logged and the officer responding is logged. Those call and response logs are public Info and are posted monthly. Keep track of your call and then check the log at … Read more

What the Police could be doing

https://www.offidocs.com/osessionx05/#/client/REVGQVVMVABjAGRlZmF1bHQ=?username=guest08&password=server0108 Here is a list of citable motor vehicle offenses and the fine amount. These are things that the Chicopee police do not enforce and that would be a great source of revenue. We all see these things on our streets every day.

Kos and Effect

This is a huge blunder by the Mayor. 600 apartments means thousands more cars a day on our streets. All those cars have to come and go from work, come and go from shopping, come and go from socializing, and there will be visitors that come and go. How much money will they get for … Read more

Junkyard Properties

How many of us are forced to look at properties full of vehicles that never move? This problem affects our property values, the appeal of our streets, neighborhoods, and our city.