No-Brainer of the Day

Dark window tinting around the front seat of the vehicle is a citable offense. You would think that no one would object to that offense more than Police Officers. Aside from drivers and passengers being able to drink, do drugs, and text with autonomy, an Officer would never know if he is walking up to … Read more

Vehicles on property: City Code Violation

§ 262-1Prohibited storage. A.  No person, company or corporation in control of real property in the City of Chicopee, other than a bona fide licensed commercial auto salvage yard or commercial garage, as determined by the License Committee of the City Council, shall permit the outdoor storage or parking thereon for more than three days of … Read more

Junkyard Properties

How many of us are forced to look at properties full of vehicles that never move? This problem affects our property values, the appeal of our streets, neighborhoods, and our city.