Local Resident with some Advice

The only way to get results… Call, Call, Call, Call. Keep on calling and calling. Every-time you call into the CPD dispatch, the calls are logged and the officer responding is logged. Those call and response logs are public Info and are posted monthly. Keep track of your call and then check the log at months end. Its a royal pain in the a$$ I know believe me…. BUT it works. I had 2 issues on my street and those issues are pretty close to being fixed. Keep on calling, don’t stop calling until the issue is resolved. They can pretend they don’t see us on here BUT that cannot Ignore your call. I was told by an officer responding to my street, Call Call Call, get plate #’s vehicle description ect… It’s a lot of work TRUST ME I know. Once they have vehicle Info and respond to an incident that person and vehicle Info (if habitual) stays in their database and the responding officer can see all of that Info on the CPD laptop in the cruiser. Help them to help you. The CITY is the same as every other form of government, they move when they want to move it’s Politics 101. Put the Chicopee Police on speed dial. Good Luck. and DON’T FORGET to call.


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