City Hall gets an earful

To continue: To the powers that be in the city of Chicopee: Saying that you should be ashamed of yourselves is putting It mildly. How can you take your salaries and pensions, paid for by our taxes, and provide the poor services that you do? You must have discovered the cure for insomnia because it’s the only explanation for how you can sleep at night. Even you admit that too many homeowners are moving away for better Quality of Life but you are taking no steps to address this problem and you fight anyone else who tries. Chicopee is becoming a city of rental property and without homeowners, even fewer people will care what happens here. Your apathy, selfishness, and complete lack of civic pride and responsibility, sits like a flaming dung heap on the steps of City Hall. People will get tired of walking around it and they will put out the fire and shovel it into the dirt where it belongs. If our officials don’t wake up from their self induced coma soon, Chicopee will not recover. You can add my name to the growing list of Chicopee homeowners leaving for greener pastures where town officials aspire to a higher standard and people care about people.


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