Traffic Enforcement Really Matters

Enforcing our traffic laws is important to every resident of our city and is not happening. There are way too many speeders, especially on our residential streets which is a danger to everyone. Police cruisers in plain sight does nothing to deter speeding everywhere else. There are also vehicles, that we all see every day, whose window tinting is too dark, have broken lights and Windows, tires too wide, expired inspection stickers, exhausts that are too loud, people who text, children unrestrained, dogs in their lap, snow on their roofs, and many others.

When irresponsible, inconsiderate, and selfish drivers are not held to account it affects us all. When these people are allowed to get away with so many offenses, they feel emboldened to ignore other laws as well. It is a well-known fact that when police stop these vehicles, they catch and deter criminals who have no license or registration or have warrants or drugs or guns or are under the influence. It is the best and easiest law enforcement tool we have. But the city and the police have to care enough to do their jobs.

We have a responsibility to care enough to voice our concerns to the police department and city counselors and the mayor and our neighbors. This is only one of the important quality of life issues that is driving our homeowners away from Chicopee. They are too often replaced by rental property which exacerbates the problem. Speak Up to stop the problem from getting worse and begin to make it better.

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