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‘Gender X’ bill moving in Senate

By Matt Murphy

State House News Service

The Senate plans next week to take up legislation that has become a signature priority for Senate President Karen Spilka and would allow an adult to change state identification records to reflect a gender of “X.”

The bill (S 2192) is one of two that the Senate Ways and Means Committee on Thursday polled out with the goal of putting them on the calendar for debate and a vote next Thursday.

The other bill (S 2042) would make a number of traffic safety changes, including 25-mile-per hour speed limits on state highways and parkways through thickly settled or business districts.

The so-called “Gender X” bill would allow anyone over 18, an emancipated minor or the parents of a minor to request a change in the sex listed on someone’s birth record, with the options to include, but not be limited to, male, female and X.

Town clerks and other officials would be prohibited from requiring medical or health-care documentation or a court order to make the change, and the Registry of Motor Vehicles would make the same options available on licenses and permits.

Senate leaders planned to request a deadline of Monday for amendments to both bills.

The traffic safety bill would also require bicylce operators to display a red lamp on the back of the bike 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise, require large state owned or leased vehicles to be equipped with convex and crossover mirrors and set new rules for passing “vulnerable vehicles.


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